Popson Apparel is the muscle behind the beauty that is Willow&FernCo. Are you looking for a screen printer? See our FAQ's below.

Information Sheet/FAQ

Looking to get some tees made for an event? Maybe starting your own small business and need a screen printer? Whether it's totes, tees, infant apparel, sweaters, jerseys or even wood planks...we've got you covered. here are some of our frequently asked questions:

Are there any Setup charges?  No

What are your order Minimums?  My minimum is 12 pieces per design but this can be any variety of sizes. Example: 4 size 4T, 4 size 6yrs, and 4 size 8yrs =12pieces all the same design

How do you charge for  screens?  I burn my own screens and charge depends on screen size. The number of screens you need depends on the number of colors the image has and the different size tees you are trying to make. I also sell the screens outright for other printers who don't make their own. 

Who are your shirt supplier and what is the cost?  We use American Apparel primarily because they are located down the street from my shop which makes it nice because my clients save on shipping.  We do not charge for pick up either.  Check out www.americanapparel.net and let me know what style number that you are interested in and we will get you a price list.   Wholesale pricing on garments are by style number, color and size.  If you’d like another brand, we can certainly order those, but shipping cost will be client responsibility.  Other available companies are Bella Canvas, Next Level, Kavio, Hanes, Anvil and many many more.

(When ordering from American Apparel, please make note of the style number as that is what I use for ordering the garments.  I will need the style number, colors, sizes, and quantity.)

What are the shipping costs?   This depends on where you live and the weight of the package.  We use USPS and provide tracking numbers once your items have been shipped.

How do I send you my designs?  We prefer all designs be in an adobe illustrator file, PNG or PDF.  No jpeg please.  It takes too much work to clean up those types of images.  We can do it, but its gets to be expensive at $50/hr for artwork.  First 30 minutes of artwork is free, after that, it is billed in 15 min increments.  

Do you provide mockups?  Mock-ups will be provided upon request but this time will be applied to the artwork charges.


What ink colors do you offer?  I have a large variety of inks.  I also have a color mixing system for water based inks which allows me to mix almost any color that you can dream of.  Specialty plastisol inks will have to be purchased and mixed by my ink supplier. We offer gold and silver shimmer inks as well. Prices vary on the quantity purchased.


Do you offer foil? We offer gold, silver and other foil color effects to your prints utilizing both a screen-printing and a heat press technique.Pricing varies with quantity purchased, .


How do you adjust the cost for printing more than one color in a design? I only charge for additional colors if there are more than 2 colors.  After that, its an additional cost per color per shirt.   I usually have to charge that when putting anything other than white on a black or dark garment.  I have to add a white under base to any color you want on a dark garment so that the color will be what you asked for.  Example... If I try to put red ink on a black shirt without an under base, it will be a brownish-red color.  But when I apply the under base, it will be the true red that you asked for.   If you want different colors for the same image, but want to save money on screen fees (white ink for 10 shirts and then black ink for 10 shirts), then there is a color change fee per color change.  Changing colors takes a lot of time as I have to clean the screens completely before putting another color in the screen.


How long screens are kept on file? I keep all screens that you will possibly order more shirts for.  I typically keep them for 90 days past the last delivery date.  Then I reclaim them and utilize them for another image on future orders.  If you feel that you will order more shirts past the 90 days, just let me know and I will save the screens for a bit longer.  


What is your turn around time?  If everything is in place and I have the screens ready to print... then I can get the shirts done in about 5-7 days.  I just have to place an order with American Apparel the night before I plan to print and then pick up the next day and print.  I can then ship to you the next morning after printing.  This scenario is assuming  all garments are in stock and not back ordered.  The turn around time is totally dependent on us working out the details of your order and having the screens ready for print.  If you prefer another company for your garments that requires shipping this slows down the turn around time a bit depending on the shipping times provided by that company. If you need prints in a hurry, just ask and we can discuss rush orders.  If the screens are made and a rush order is needed we charge an additional fee for order delivery within 2 days.  Complete orders are dependent on American Apparel having all garments in stock and the images being on the screen.