Willow&FernCo. has selected very special organizations to donate to and be inspired by. 

The first of these is Friends Together. Over 10 years ago,  I had the opportunity to meet Cathy, the founder of this organization. I immediately knew she was an incredible woman. I was then afforded the opportunity to work with her and the children and families of Friends Together. I volunteered as a camp counselor for their program and spent my days involved in all kinds of activities that promoted health and well-being. She has continued to amaze and inspire me and it is my great pleasure to make her our very first addition to our Featured Foundation page. Since the beginning,  Friends Together has been active in their fundraising efforts by promoting health,activity,education and wellness-similar to the mission of our company. They have organized everything from bike rides to collecting textbooks for villages in Africa, to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro! Please take a moment to view their video below to truly begin to understand why they were a perfect addition to our family and why we look forward to supporting them.

Friends Together began in 1999 as the vision of Cathy Robinson Pickett and Steve Pickett, in their dream of building a better future by meeting families’ needs for HIV/AIDs advocacy and awareness. In 2000, Friends Together shifted from being a loosely organized, grass-roots functioning group to becoming a well organized and managed 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that offered regular HIV/AIDs-related services, such as training, workshops, and family camps. Over the next decade, Friends Together became internationally known in its quest to assist families, particularly those with children infected and affected by HIV/AIDs, by providing education, support, and a plan for living. Today many of those served by Friends Together  have gone on to a better life of completing college, embarking on careers, and creating their own families.


Friends Together, Inc., is an organization that empowers people to respond effectively to current social issues that affect their own and their community’s wellbeing and safety. It accomplishes this goal by educating about and providing safe spaces for open and informed conversations on topics such as HIV/AIDs, reproductive health, domestic violence, bullying, and sexual orientation. Through education, Friends Together inspires today’s generation to take action to improve their lives and the local and global community.


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