Who We Are 


Our Mission:

Willow & Fern Co is an authentic nature-based apparel company handcrafted in Southern California. At Willow & Fern Co., our goal is to create authentic products and inspire mindful and active living.


Our Story:

It all began with a father and son who wanted to work together to create something handmade. They started with classes and eventually learned through hands on experience. The best part-they were working as a team. Zeke Sr and Zeke Jr worked on not only screen printing, but a message. They wanted their apparel to be more than excellent quality and comfort.  Zeke and his father were on a mission to inspire the youth of today to learn, explore, and enjoy what awaits them beyond their tablets and video games...to truly live life, unplugged.

Both father and son proudly served in the US Army. Zeke Sr is a Vietnam Veteran who was born in Indonesia and spent most of his life in Southern California as a talented machinist. His son, Zeke Jr,  spent 8 years in the Army in numerous overseas locations including Korea. He also served in the Honor Guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, and had the honor of serving the President in the White House. Both men share extremely high standards in the quality and integrity of their work. They also share a love of the outdoors. Growing up they spent their time as a family camping, fishing, hiking the John Muir Trail, and simply appreciating  what the Earth could provide. 

The apparel is only the beginning. Their plans include health tips,  some of which are currently featured on the website.  In addition, they have a Featured Family of the Month contest where families can submit their videos and photos to win a spot on the site page, store credit, and best of all a chance to choose a charity to donate to for that month. Willow & Fern Co has as strong moral compass in regards to giving back. As Albert Pine once said, "What we do for ourselves dies with us and what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal".

Willow & Fern Co is striving to move beyond the screen and into the lives of America's youth to not only inspire mindful and active living but to help tomorrow's future population live well into their golden years. 

Printing Services:

All of the apparel on our website is printed by our sister company, Popson Apparel.  At Popson, we strive to create quality, dependable, and affordable screen printing to clients across the nation.  We are proud to be a  Green company, ensuring that both our products and production methods will keep this planet beautiful and renewed, so every future generation will have the opportunity to find the joy of the outdoors.